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Digital accessibility is our mission. Our services guarantee your website adheres to ADA/WCAG norms, offering continuous oversight and upkeep for full accessibility.

Only 3% of the internet is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This digital divide creates a substantial obstacle for individuals with disabilities, hindering their access to crucial information, their interaction with online services, and their full participation in the digital realm. Developing a website that adheres to compliance standards is undoubtedly a complex task, but it is equally rewarding and essential for today’s businesses. Emphasizing web accessibility improves customer involvement and experiences, lessens the chance of legal issues, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to innovation and customer focus.

Boost your brand image and reduce risks.

Current State of the Accessibility in the US

Digital accessibility has advanced. Awareness of its importance continues to rise, and more organizations are committing to enhancing their digital accessibility, motivated by more than just legal requirements—they’re driven by a genuine commitment to inclusivity.

Digital Accessibility Goes Mainstream

While 70% of companies adopt digital accessibility policies, the real test lies in selecting appropriate tools, processes, and resources.

Digital Access: Confidence vs. Lawsuits

A divide exists between confidence in digital accessibility and ADA lawsuits. While 80% feel confident about their compliance, 40% of these assured companies face legal challenges.

Creating a Central Accessibility Department

Organizations need a program to integrate accessibility tools and processes department-wide, leading to a new central department for oversight.

Four Ways to Achieve Accessibility Success


Our suite of Accessibility Services offers comprehensive support for achieving and maintaining Accessibility Compliance. This includes evaluating existing procedures, website architecture, third-party integrations, and development methodologies.

We collaborate with you to create a strategic roadmap towards lasting accessibility compliance, ensuring not only adherence to the ADA and WCAG standards but also ongoing compliance.

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Our service provides a comprehensive ADA and WCAG 2.2. compliance audit, combining advanced automation tools with real-world testing by blind individuals using screen readers. This approach ensures a thorough evaluation of your website’s accessibility.

Our audit covers all essential areas, leading to a detailed report with actionable recommendations to improve accessibility and ensure your site is user-friendly for all, including those with visual impairments.

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Monitoring & Development Studio

Our real-time accessibility monitoring allows us to monitor every environment, including sandboxes, development, staging, or production environments.

We also provide robust support for operations involving multiple brands and sites. Software Engineers can use advanced development studios to quickly analyze complex pages, including one-page applications, dynamic content, and local development environments or networks behind firewalls.

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Our Training service equips your staff with essential knowledge and skills to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and WCAG.

This tailored training covers the key aspects of digital accessibility, focusing on both the legal requirements and practical applications of the ADA and WCAG. Your employees will learn how to make digital content and services accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities, ensuring your organization’s commitment to inclusivity and regulatory compliance.

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Why AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company?

We Merge Technology and Impaired Individuals Testing

AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company adopts a compassionate and effective approach, merging automation technology with human testing by individuals with impairments. This thoughtful blend not only guarantees full compliance but also deeply considers and enhances the user experience for those with impairments, demonstrating a strong commitment to empathy and inclusivity.

We Deliver End-to-End Approach to ADA and WCAG 2.2. Compliance

AIOPSGROUP’s Accessibility Service offers a modular, end-to-end approach to ADA and WCAG 2.2. compliance, starting with an initial assessment and education, progressing through a thorough audit and reporting, and culminating in structured improvements executed by our experienced team, either independently or in conjunction with your staff.

We Provide Continuous Support

Integrating accessibility best practices into the development and release process, along with conducting periodic reviews by AIOPSGROUP, is crucial for maintaining compliance and addressing any emerging accessibility issues effectively. Adopting an agile approach to inclusion ensures quick adaptation to evolving needs and standards, maintaining consistent accessibility for all users.

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