Accessibility at AIOPSGROUP | Diliyan Manolov’s Voyage

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Accessibility at AIOPSGROUP | Diliyan Manolov’s Voyage

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Diliyan Manolov, digital accessibility QA, seamlessly bridges the worlds of human psychology, technology, and arts. Born in the historical city of Plovdiv, Diliyan’s journey is marked by diverse interests including psychology, theater, technology, photography, and social media. Yet, a consistent theme in his endeavors is his profound desire to understand and enrich people’s lives and to improve the world around him. Remarkably, Diliyan achieves all this despite being blind. 

After obtaining his PhD in psychology, Diliyan consulted for the United Nations, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization, spending numerous hours on many projects and initiatives. Transitioning to the realm of digital accessibility, Diliyan’s psychological expertise and technological experience resulted in his current position as a digital accessibility QA specialist. The structured challenges of quality assurance provide him with tranquility and accomplishment, reflecting his belief in the transformative power of accessible technology. 

Diliyan’s advocacy for digital accessibility is rooted in a conviction that it benefits everyone, not just those with disabilities. He underscores the universal value of accessible design, advocating for practical, example-driven approaches to improving digital experiences. His perspective is informed by his work with the UN, where he supported funding initiatives for children with disabilities. Diliyan wants people to see the potential of accessibility to bring positive change in the world for everyone, not just the impaired. For instance, he gives curb ramps as an example – “while their design is intended to assist people using wheelchairs, they are primarily used by mothers, the elderly, and (jokingly) people driving fancy cars”. 

What’s fascinating is Diliyan’s passion for theater, which allowed him to explore and experiment creatively in his personal life. He took on roles in acting, direction, scriptwriting, and production, resulting in his passion for creating his own comedy play that he is currently working on. In his spare time, he is developing a mobile application to teach people entrepreneurial skills. When there is an opportunity, Diliyan also experiments with content creation in social media. He gives the term “full-stack” an entirely new meaning. 

Diliyan Manolov’s transition from psychology to digital accessibility is not just a career change. His unique blend of skills and experiences positions him as a key figure in the push for a more inclusive digital world. Diliyan’s story is a reminder that understanding human behavior is essential to creating technology that serves everyone. The idea that with adaptability, curiosity, and a passion for creativity, shows that we can build a digital environment that is truly accessible to all. 

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