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AIOPS Monitoring

With OOB 100+ KPIs, our team will help you optimize revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Innovation creates a more complex technology architecture that doesn’t easily scale and cannot be fixed by simply increasing manpower at the problem. Knock down silos and build an environment capable of monitoring an entire application flow resolving issues in real-time, as soon as they appear and before the customer is impacted. AIOPSGROUP is accomplished in data strategy, digital monitoring implementation, alerts and escalation, analysis and investigation, and mitigation of issues reported.


We Bring Expertise

With 15+ years of experience, and 250+ successfully executed eCommerce projects, AIOPSGROUP is well versed in the issues the digital retailers are facing and recognizing that data must be managed holistically. AIOPSGROUP monitoring knocks down silos and builds an environment capable of monitoring the entire application flow resolving issues in real- time, as soon as they appear and before the customer is impacted.

We Offer 100+ Out of the Box KPIs

Client organization’s ongoing digital transformation is driven by business needs and real-time insight into end-user journey patterns. What data will drive (or derived from) your business growth? What KPIs do we need to monitor? AIOPSGROUP measures “metrics that matter” for your business. When defined, KPI’s are calibrated to customized thresholds for real-time escalation and mitigation.

We Are a Single Provider for Multiple Vendors

Today, digital retailers are interested in combining several monitoring functionalities from a single provider to not only reduce tool and vendor management pain but also to gain new capabilities. Also, with increased visibility into siloed performances of each system and vendor, AIOPSGROUP becomes a single vendor for 3rd party escalations and 3rd party SLA performance monitoring, to allow digital retailer internal teams to focus on their core roles.

We Deliver Fast Time-To-Market

Fast time-to-market is almost always a requirement for retailers and brands. Leveraging pre-defined implementation and activation process, AIOPSGROUP offers 4 weeks of implementation for 100+ OOB KPIs. Rapidly deploy AIOPSGROUP monitoring so that every person in your organization has the right access to the right data, and the ability to turn it into mission-driving action.


Monitoring Architecture

We understand a variety of monitoring technologies and complex systems that make your business run smoothly. We audit the existing monitoring tools in place, build a data strategy driven by the client’s business strategy to decide on KPI’s that we need to monitor, and couple all the elements to deliver monitoring architecture.

Monitoring Implementation

AIOPSGROUP monitoring team has developed a solution inclusive of monitoring middleware that collects data from different sources. The sources of data are log files, REST APIs, or structured files like JSON, XML, or CSV. Data is ingested, mapped, and analyzed inside Splunk Cloud. There are different data models that represent various events like orders, products, jobs, services, exceptions. Aggregation of events translates to KPI values, which in turn are used for alerting. Alerts are automatically raised based on anomalies in the KPI values or simply by using threshold values. The process of automated alerts is connected to the ticketing service desk and 24/7 support for analysis and escalation per escalation matrix agreed with the clients.

Issues Mitigation

24/7 Issues mitigation is at the core of AIOPS Monitoring, as the solution delivers only when the issues are resolved in real-time to minimize the revenue loss and customer experience impact. Faster mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) from days or hours to minutes is delivered only when the L3 of highly trained platform engineers is available 24/7. Our L3 engineers are eCommerce platform experts who use tools and methodologies tested and perfected through a number of AIOPS Monitoring and 24/7 Support projects.

KPIs Calibration

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are performance metrics that measure specific goals for businesses across all sectors. KPI’s calibration makes AIOPS Monitoring agile, as new systems are constantly introduced creating a need for new KPIs, clients’ peak-seasons or pop-up sales dates change, and new markets are entered. Existing KPIs are scrutinized to avoid “alarm fatigue” that occurs when one is exposed to many frequent alarms that can lead to desensitization, and in turn longer response times and missing important alarms.

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