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Protect Revenue

AIOPSGROUP team supports retailer in defining transactions to monitor customer orders. As customer orders are moving through multiple applications and integration points in Digital ecosystem, our monitoring solution enables end-to-end system visibility detecting and fixing issues before they impact the customer.

  • Reduce revenue loss
  • Identify issues with orders before customers
  • Drive Faster Root-Cause Analysis
  • Enable real time alerts

Maximize Revenue

AIOPSGROUP can help you prioritize essential and advanced business KPI’s. Behind the scenes, the appropriate algorithms learn from data across tools and channels and identify events that do not conform to an expected pattern and hurt your revenue. We will help you expose the hidden issues, fix them and accelerate the growth.

  • Business prioritization KPI’s
  • Advanced Business KPI’s monitoring
  • Maximize Profitability per product
  • Optimize Lifecycle of the product
  • Analyze returns and exchanges
  • Optimize Omnichannel sales

Reduce Costs

AIOPSGROUP solution eliminates redundant alerts and automatically correlate related alerts to improve detection of critical issues and helps you with faster resolution. In addition, we help you solve complex IT problems like performance, capacity, configuration issues by proactively detecting and remediating them before they impact users.

  • Reduce troubleshooting time
  • Eliminate working in silos
  • Enforce 3rdparty SLA’s and reduce violations
  • Reduce Escalations
  • Algorithmic Noise Reduction and Correlation
  • Improve Developer Productivity