AIOPSGROUP Joins valantic

AIOPSGROUP Joins valantic

Munich, EU, May 16, 2023 – The digital solutions, consulting and software house valantic is enhancing its skills in the rapidly growing e-commerce market and joining forces with the Salesforce Commerce specialist AIOPSGROUP: The new family member specializes in designing, developing and optimizing B2C and B2B shopping solutions based on the Salesforce Commerce platform for global blue-chip retailers. Its customers include organizations such as the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA, Rossignol, Fenix Outdoor, and fashion brands MCM Worldwide and Acne Studios. AIOPSGROUP’s proprietary monitoring solution enhances customer experience, optimizes sales and payment channels and prevents fraud cases, boosting ROI on Commerce platforms of AIOPSGROUP customers.

The international digitalization, consulting and software house valantic continues to grow across Europe by joining forces with e-commerce specialist AIOPSGROUP. The new Competence Center focuses on global retailers with complex B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms. AIOPSGROUP provides a holistic service portfolio encompassing e-commerce strategy consulting and architecture design as well as development and implementation of complex e-commerce systems, platform migrations and 24/7 support. In addition to Salesforce Commerce, AIOPSGROUP also provides extensive expertise for B2C and B2B shopping solutions based on Adobe Commerce, Scayle, commercetools and Optimizely platforms. In addition, AIOPSGROUP develops custom, cloud-native software solutions based on the latest technology stacks.

Since 2017, analyst Gartner has consistently recognized Salesforce Commerce, which is primarily used by AIOPSGROUP and its clients, as a top-ranking solution in the e-Commerce Platforms category of its Leaders Quadrant. Coming in a close second is Adobe Commerce. In 2021, Salesforce Commerce experienced 20 percent growth, and continued to enjoy strong business growth in 2022.

AIOPS Monitoring solution boosts ROI by observing 200 KPIs for order, payment and sales transactions in real-time

AIOPSGROUP has created a monitoring solution utilizing the Splunk data analytics platform. This monitoring tool tracks over 200 key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time for sales, payment, and order transactions, as well as monitors data exchanges with product information systems (PIM) and order management systems (OMS). In the event of any anomalies that could potentially indicate operational deficits, performance issues, or fraudulent activities, AIOPSGROUP raises an alert, ensuring its clients maintain exceptional levels of customer experience and cybersecurity.

Several successful projects showcase AIOPSGROUP’s capabilities. For sports equipment supplier PUMA, for example, it developed a highly scalable technology stack for its 20-plus websites and e-shops. And for luxury fashion brand MCM Worldwide, AIOPSGROUP utilized artificial intelligence to optimize the ordering and search processes for over 20 e-commerce websites, significantly improving store manager productivity.

AIOPSGROUP perfectly complements the existing valantic Salesforce cloud portfolio

valantic’s existing e-commerce and CX division is well-established, and the addition of AIOPSGROUP will enhance its Salesforce consulting and solution expertise. Thanks to their Salesforce Commerce expertise, AIOPSGROUP perfectly complements the existing valantic Salesforce cloud portfolio, which already includes Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud and Tableau. Hence, valantic can now offer its customers support for all relevant Salesforce Clouds thanks to its specialized team of 300 developers and consultants who focus on Salesforce solution technologies. Customers will benefit from integrated end-to-end Salesforce solutions.

AIOPSGROUP, established in 2019 by CEO Don Santrac and CTO Slavy Slavov, has achieved significant growth in recent years and is projected to continue this trend in the future. Don Santrac began his career in digital services and e-commerce solutions at Acquity Group (Accenture Interactive) in Chicago, Illinois, bringing over two decades of experience to AIOPSGROUP. Meanwhile, Slavy Slavov specializes in designing complex e-commerce platform architectures, with over 20 years of industry experience in conversion-rate and process optimization, automation, resource management, capacity planning, and cybersecurity.

“Becoming Europe’s number one CX service provider”

Don Santrac, CEO of AIOPSGROUP said: “I’m very excited about our new goals and challenges that lie ahead, as a valantic family member. Our aim is to become Europe’s number one CX service provider with a reputation for innovative solutions and outstanding service. To achieve this, we must remain one step ahead of industry trends and new technologies and adapt flexibly to our customers’ changing needs and preferences. Crucial to success will be working with valantic to build a team of talented and dedicated professionals who share our commitment to excellence and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.”

Uwe Tüben, Managing Director of the CX division and valantic Partner, adds: “Together with AIOPSGROUP, we are strengthening our footprint in the European Salesforce and Retail Market. The two founders of AIOPSGROUP, CEO Don Santrac and CTO Slavy Slavov, are top professionals with almost 50 years’ combined background in Customer Experience. Together, AIOPSGROUP and valantic create a true Salesforce multi-cloud offering and grow our CX division to more than 1,000 highly qualified consultants and developers. AIOPSGROUP’s home market, Bulgaria, is also a valuable talent hub for valantic consultants and developers, supporting further scalability of valantic.”

About valantic

valantic is Number 1 for digital transformation and one of the fastest growing digital solutions, consulting, and software companies on the market. It combines technological expertise with industry know-how and the human touch. More than 500 blue chip clients rely on valantic, including 32 out of the 40 DAX companies as well as many leading international companies. With more than 3,500 specialized solution consultants and developers, and net sales of approx. EUR 500 million in 2023(e), valantic is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, and many additional international locations. valantic has a unique structure, consisting of divisions, competence centers, and expert teams, always attuned precisely to companies’ digitalization needs – from strategy to concrete realization. The company’s service portfolio includes the areas digital strategy & analytics, customer experience, SAP services, smart industries, and financial services automation.  


AIOPSGROUP is a multidisciplinary digital company that leverages its 20+ years of e-commerce experience and successful delivery of over 250 e-commerce projects to provide specialized services at the intersection of e-commerce, Data, and Technology. The company was founded in 2019 and operates from three locations in Bulgaria, India, and Serbia. AIOPSGROUP’s comprehensive range of services includes Consulting, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Commerce Implementation, AIOPS Monitoring, and 24/7 Support Services. The company is dedicated to helping its global enterprise clients achieve long-term growth through digital performance, while prioritizing building strong relationships with clients and delivering impactful results. With its proven expertise and commitment to excellence, AIOPSGROUP stands out as a trusted partner for clients seeking to optimize their digital operations. More info at