We’re a global team of passionate and talented people.

250+eCommerce Implementations.

We’re experienced in what we do.

$9B+Online Revenue.

We are supporting and growing our customers’ online revenue of $9B+. There is a lot to take care of.

It’s not just about the technology and innovation we offer as a company. It is about the impact on our customers, employees and business. We translate technology solutions into business value and take our team on a journey of ongoing discovery for a better tomorrow! Passion, smarts and dedication are always welcomed at AIOPSGROUP. Come join our team!

― Don Santrac, CEO

2013 - 2024 AIOPSGROUP™

AIOPSGROUP team worked on more than 250+ brands enabling digital commerce experiences


8 SFCC Implementations
      42 3rd Party Integrations​


      7 Technology Evaluation​
12 Managed Service Engagements​
      14 SFCC Implementations​
18 Magento Implementations​


3 Digital Strategy Definitions
      9 SFCC Implementations​​​
8 SFCC Managed Service​​ Engagements


      4 Technology Evaluations
5 Managed Service Engagements​
      3 SFCC Implementations​​​


created to ​protect and maximize digital revenue by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


True Results

Ecommerce is commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. We work hard to make those transactions measurable, expandable and profitable. We love to see a great looking eCommerce shop, but what we really love are great looking shops that are profitable. 


AIOPSGROUP promotes competitiveness to innovate and improve our solutions and services. We are always looking for creative ideas to pick and choose the best software solutions, make the best applications and find the best way to generate results for our customers. Based on our experience we find that people perform at their best when truly challenged. 

Positive Work Culture

A positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees. A positive working environment is a workplace that promotes employee safety, growth, and goal attainment. AIOPSGROUP believes that happy employees create happy customers.


AIOPSGROUP hires and partners with people from different parts of the world, backgrounds, and experiences. Over the years, as teams have grown more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic, collaboration has become more complex. But though teams face new challenges, their success still depends on a core set of fundamentals: direction, the balance of skills, and the right support.


Transparency, as used in engineering, business, the humanities, and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. For AIOPSGROUP transparency eliminates the noise and allows us to focus on true results.

Competitive Spirit

AIOPSGROUP team celebrates each and everyone’s success. When workplace competition is friendly and supportive, this engagement works in everyone’s best interests, making day to day tasks competitive and fun. At its best, workplace engagement based on competitiveness is creating a charged and exciting atmosphere at AIOPSGROUP. 

Our Vision

At AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company, we’re revolutionizing digital landscape on a global scale. Our mission is to foster an inclusive, supportive workplace, embracing diversity in all its forms, especially for individuals with disabilities. We champion teamwork, integrity, dedication, and leadership, ensuring everyone can contribute and succeed. This dynamic approach is key to connecting diverse brands with the unique lifestyles of our customers.


AIOPSGROUP offers a tailored approach to students in internship programs, with the possibility to work for AIOPSGROUP in the future. The tailored approach applies to an individual’s strengths and potential, as well as working schedules with options such as working from home or taking time out for charity work. Finally, this approach means that each practitioner has a personal mentor.

We believe that this method is the most efficient one and provides the required attention to students, which is crucial for gaining knowledge and new skills. Also, we provide regular feedback. By giving regular feedback, AIOPSGROUP is assuring interns of their value and worth. Students who pass our internship selection will be working closely together with one of our teams, having the opportunity to be close to real-life projects.


  • PHP
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Magento/Salesforce
  • Quality Assurance


Duration: 3 months minimum

Location: On site/Remote

Language: English or Bulgarian

Working Hours:  Part-Time or Full-Time depending on one’s availability


  • An individual approach and a personal mentor
  • The latest technologies and methodologies
  • Real life projects
  • A highly stimulating and fun working environment.
  • A solid career opportunity
  • Great colleagues to learn from and work with

See what our team has to say...


UX Expert/Front-End Developer

I have been with AIOPSGROUP since March 2020 and I’ve already had the chance to work on several projects. All of them were challenging and exciting. We are doing integrations, helping our clients deliver new features and tech solutions smoothly and uninterruptedly in live large-scale projects. I like eCommerce. I believe it brings real value for the end-users – providing them with a nice, usable, and bug- and frustration-free experience. We get to assist them in getting exactly what they want – the best-suiting products with the right fit or features. I consider it a good deed.

In my day-to-day work, I am expected not only to do the technical stuff, but also to suggest improvements, share and put into action my experience, do research and create proofs of concept. I feel my work is highly valued both by my team and the clients. This brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment, but also greater responsibility. At AIOPSGROUP I am always supported by my teammates and managers, so I can focus on my work – all the things I do the best – and .. enjoy the ride.



Delivery Manager

I had the chance to join AIOPSGROUP a year ago and it’s been a great experience. Having the opportunity to work on substantial projects alongside colleagues of high competency has helped me tremendously to grow as a professional. Delivering key features which enable some of the biggest brands in the world to reshape and improve their operations brings great responsibility but certainly feels satisfying and empowering. Access to some of the most recognized experts in the field of eCommerce within the company enables you to approach any challenge with confidence.

The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and the culture enables me to perform at my best. There are vast opportunities for career growth and multiple career paths. You would be supported to develop yourself constantly while being provided valuable feedback. While the company has been growing substantially since I joined, everyone is still accessible, open, and friendly which I believe is the cornerstone of empowering and supportive company culture. I would highly recommend joining the team!



Senior QA Engineer


My name is Denislav and I have been in AIOPSGROUP since April 2022. First of all, I really liked the friendly working atmosphere which was felt from the very beginning. There is a sense of collegiality in the working atmosphere, which makes work enjoyable, and everyone feels valued.

The projects that we work on are interesting and diverse, this gives us the opportunity to learn about a wide range of technologies, approaches and good practices. During this period since I have been in the company, I have seen the development and opportunities that are growing, which makes this place favorable for career development and achieving your goals.

As a Senior QA, I strive to improve and keep up updated with the latest practices and tech stack every day, because technologies are developing dynamically and with every passing year, humanity strives for more and more digitalization, which help in our daily lives.

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Work Hard. Dream Big. Enjoy the Ride.