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Roadmap Planning

With roadmap planning workshops, AIOPSGROUP helps retailers transfer their digital strategy into meaningful and actionable plan for timely execution. The key to success is well defined project activities, expectations, assumptions and risk mitigations strategies.

  • Future capabilities based on business initiatives
  • High-level business and functional requirements
  • Digital requirements validation with SMEs
  • Prioritized initiatives, goals, benefits, timelines and costs


The architecture and data model you design up front will determine success or failure down the road. AIOPSGROUP will help you design a sustainable architecture and supportive data model to meet future needs and to enable organizational growth.

  • Architectural readiness against business objectives
  • Gaps between current and required architecture
  • Identify reusable systems and integration points
  • Revised system architecture

Technology Evaluation

AIOPSGROUP is a technology agnostic organization placing customer needs before considering any technology. We can help with determining criteria for making well informed decision, facilitate demonstration, collect data and make recommendations on which system would work the best.

  • Define technology categories
  • Implement score card and evaluation criteria
  • Facilitate requirement-based DEMOs
  • Build a POC