Customer acquisition and retention

AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company provides strategic customer acquisition and retention analytics consulting alongside analytics software and data warehousing solutions, including CX Monitoring dashboards and indicators.

AIOPSGROUP’s Analytics team helps retailers with their customer analytics strategy, to include analytics tools selection, configuration, and data-driven implementations. We are accomplished in Conversion Optimization (CRO), Retail Observability, and Digital KPI’s Calibration.

Why AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company?

We understand the customer

AIOPSGROUP recognizes how critical it is to understand how your customer interacts with your brand. We are looking at persona types and their preferred ways to get their customer service.  We know that comprehending your customer will help us determine tailor the experience to their preferences, from personalized marketing to payment to shipping offerings.

CX Monitoring data as a source of truth

15+ years experience, and 250+ successfully executed eCommerce projects, AIOPSGROUP is well versed in the issues the digital retailers are facing and recognizing that data must be managed holistically. 24/7 AIOPS Monitoring knocks down silos and builds an environment capable of monitoring both digital and “brick and mortar” KPI’s, bringing them together for holistic business view and data management. AIOPS Monitoring data is now coupled with any other data sources for the single source of truth for the most optimal analysis.

We are excellent in change management

Once we have a plan in place, AIOPSGROUP helps you set goals that are realistic and measurable. However, change management is an important part of any optimization, as we are continuously monitoring, analyzing, and improving. We will work with you to monitor, measure, and modify the plan as necessary to get optimal results.


Conversion optimization

We improve your conversion rate by turning more visitors into buyers. Our goal is to continually analyze and optimize, excelling the customer’s relationship with your brand, and transcending your business goals. AIOPSGROUP CRO team is knowledgeable of CRO’s metrics and KPIs applicable to your industry or a specific market. We couple them with your business KPI’s for maximum CRO results.

Retail observability

AIOPSGROUP is an established independent digital specialist that brings together the digital and “brick-and–mortar” world for retail observability. The company focuses on intelligent infrastructure for digital and physical stores with decentralized commerce systems, on automation and digitalization in the process, on AI monitoring solutions for a holistic view, and significantly improved data strategy and KPIs for overall profitability increase.

Digital KPI callibration

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are performance metrics that measure specific goals for businesses across all sectors. KPIs calibration makes CX Monitoring agile, as new systems are constantly introduced creating a need for new KPIs, clients’ peak-seasons or pop-up sales dates change, new markets are entered, and business indicators are updated. Existing KPIs are scrutinized to ensure we are staying the course and the new ones are introduced to enrich and give additional context to the strategy in place.

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