Fluent Commerce Announces UK Partnership with AIOPSGROUP

Fluent Commerce Announces UK Partnership with AIOPSGROUP

London, UK – January 23, 2020: Fluent Commerce, the world’s number one distributed order management platform, today announced a UK partnership with digital commerce, AI and machine learning consulting firm, AIOPSGROUP to help retailers maximize their digital revenue. For global brands, this enables them to unlock value from AI and machine learning to optimize operations, improve business performance and deliver innovative solutions to their customers.

The partnership will provide retailers with a greater understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences, making it easier to build innovative social, mobile and content strategies tailored for them.

“We are delighted to partner with Fluent Commerce to help our retail customers protect and increase revenue and provide a full omnichannel experience,” enthuses Nik Santrac, Head of Business Development at AIOPSGROUP.

Fluent Commerce provides a flexible order management platform that can be customized to fit retailers omnichannel strategies. It allows retailers to achieve a single view of stock and orders across all channels and provides customers with more convenient delivery and collection options to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

“With Fluent Commerce’s order management system and the AIOPSGROUP’s expertise in digital commerce, AI and machine learning, UK retailers can take their customer experience to the next level. We look forward to a strong future together helping our clients leverage experience and innovation, increase customer loyalty and gain market share in 2020,” says Jamie Cairns, Channel Sales Director, Fluent Commerce.

About Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce is a cloud software company focused on distributed order management for omnichannel merchants. The Fluent order management platform is cloud-native, fully managed and code-free. It includes the essential components for unified commerce: Distributed order management, in-store tooling, inventory & location management, customer service, fulfillment optimization and reporting. This enables retailers and brands to rapidly drive up revenue, drive down costs, and win the convenience battle. Fluent Commerce works with global and regional brands such as JD Sports, Samsung, Australia Post, eBay, Woolworths, Target and French Connection. For more information, visit