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AIOPSGROUP™ Partners with commercetools to Support Innovation Based on Modern MACH Principles

commercetools is the world’s leading commerce solution built on modern MACH principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless), allowing you to work with, not around, your commerce solution to tailor experiences to the exact needs of your business and its customers.

About commercetools

The inventor of headless commerce, commercetools is the world’s leading digital commerce software provider. Commercetools are challenging and changing the way organizations think about and work with technology. Their modern MACH (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) architecture solutions overcome the limitations of legacy technology. Every new communications channel becomes a commerce possibility – from in-car, video content and A/R, voice, and IoT-enabled machines, to the devices of the future that we can only now imagine.

The Key Benefits

commercetools coined “headless commerce’ and has been the strongest ambassador of the MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) principles. The commercetools platform was designed to be a game-changing modern commerce solution that’s ready for today and tomorrow.

  • Headless: Headless architecture separates backend processes from front-end UX, making it easier and faster to build the seamless, cutting-edge shopping experiences consumers crave today. Without the risk of disrupting the front-end UX/UI experience, releases can be done anytime as new functions, pricing data, or designs become ready.
  • Microservices-Based: The microservices architecture approach is based on bringing together loosely coupled, independently deployable small components or “services” to compose a single, more complex application. Using microservices, these applications deliver faster responses, are more reliable, and can be deployed more frequently.
  • API-first: APIs are at the center of the digital operations of every business. However, not all APIs are built the same. With a modern commerce platform designed to be API first, you can easily and effortlessly connect the dots within your business ecosystem.
  • Cloud-Native: Cloud-native applications allow for faster development, and better scalability and maintainability. They do so by benefiting from microservices and APIs, and because they’re free from on-premise software lock-in and reliance on developer maintenance.
  • Reduced Costs: Future redesigns are executed much easier as they don’t depend on the backend
  • Omnichannel: A headless content management system will help propel your content anywhere and everywhere. For an eCommerce brand, that means delivering your products, product videos, or blog posts to any channel that has emerged — or will emerge.

The Recommendation

As eCommerce becomes transformed by IoT, including product sales through the smart home and connected car devices, the modular approach provides the scalability to innovate faster.

The headless commerce approach enables eCommerce owners to meet customer expectations and deliver an amazing shopping experience across multiple channels. AIOPSGROUP is focused on finding the right fit digital solution. This is key as there is no single fit for every client. Following a technology-agnostic approach, and adding commercetools to AIOPSGROUP’s expertise, empowers us to be unbiased towards the use of any specific technologies to solve business problems.


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