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Driving retail support quality at Fenix Outdoor AB

Fenix Outdoor AB embraces AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company support to deliver end user and employee satisfaction.

About Fenix Outdoor AB

Fenix Outdoor is an international leading Group of outdoor companies that provides a comprehensive array of functional, reliable, and durable high-quality sustainable products for living and recreation outdoors. Their mission is to provide premium products and services for various outdoor activities, embarking on the least negative environmental impact, high functionality, safe handling, and durability. Fenix Outdoor has committed to environmental protection, social fairness, cultural diversity, and the protection of the rights of children and therefore signed the United Nations Global Compact, Mission, and vision which have become an integral part of their daily business. The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX, Stockholm, Large Cap. It is structured through two operating segments, Brands and Retail. The Brands business area develops clothing and equipment for active outdoor life and leisure through its own brands Fjällräven, Tierra, Primus, Hanwag, Brunton, and Royal Robbins. The Frilufts Retail Europe business area consists of the Swedish Naturkompaniet, the Finnish Partioaitta, the German Globetrotter, and the Danish Friluftsland, which are locally leading players in the sale of products for outdoor life and travel. The total number of stores is 81, of which 36 in Sweden, 19 in Finland, 17 in Germany, and 10 in Denmark. The companies also conduct sales on the Internet.

The brief

The accelerated growth and brand acquisitions have grown the Fenix Outdoor AB employee count from 200 to 2,500 employees. The new number of retail stores and an increase in employee counts have created a more complex environment and a need for the next level of infrastructure support. Fenix Outdoor AB has simply outgrown the existing support system in place. The situation was getting harder to manage due to the growing number of support cases and all parties involved in escalation and mitigation. Fenix employees were spending valuable time triaging and managing support. Fenix Outdoor AB reached out to AIOPSGROUP to implement a one-stop-shop Service Desk support for all team members and lead the complex process of visualizing, measuring, and improving support quality.

“Working with AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company, we’re able to deliver a dramatically improved experience to our employees and end-users and provide amazing support that separate us from the competition.”

― Christian Bader,

CIO Fenix Outdoor International

The solution

Fenix Outdoor AB mapped out the needs of digital and in-store support that would be supported by AIOPSGROUP implementation. We mutually agreed on incremental implementation to enable a faster adoption rate. Firstly, AIOPSGROUP commenced with Level 1 support only during business hours and only for one eCommerce platform, before expanding the services. When our work was complete, AIOPSGROUP implemented 24/7 support for all 2,500 Fenix Outdoor AB employees with industry-leading ticketing and communication technology stack. These and other commerce support features, such as Quality of Service dashboards and cost optimization, are designed to improve operation quality and employee satisfaction.

The results

AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company empowered Fenix Outdoor AB operations to more effectively provide and view support performance. We enabled data-based decision making, as well as increased employee satisfaction by freeing up valuable time spent on support issues in the past. The new support infrastructure reduced previous support operational costs by 50%.