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CX Monitoring, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

MCM Increases Payment Instruments Visibility by 100% with AIOPSGROUP™

MCM online ordering visibility empowers for a more efficient approach to maximizing retail operations returns

About MCM Fashion Group Limited

MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods brand. MCM’s vision is to revolutionize luxury fashion accessories and travel goods by combining craftsmanship and value for today’s modern generation of Global Nomads.


Through innovation and timeless design, MCM combines iconic German-engineered functionality with traditional craftsmanship, offering a heritage of elegance. MCM established itself as a global luxury brand through European artisanship with a refined mastery of skills, handcrafting elegant products with flawless quality materials. A long-time favorite of royalty and celebrities, MCM boasts architect-designed boutiques in chic cities such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, New York, Athens, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, and is sold by prestigious retailers all over the world. Currently, MCM operates 20+ online sites supported by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

The Brief

To maintain and widen its position in the fast-moving retail market, it is essential MCM Fashion Group continues to be in tune with customer needs, including preferred payment instruments when shopping online. With the goal of creating an excellent experience for every customer in mind, and to demystify the dark data generated by eCommerce systems, the digital team at MCM Fashion Group turned to AIOPSGROUP™.

“We sought a partner that not only appreciated our goals but had the know-how to guide us in the right direction. AIOPSGROUP™ was the perfect partner for this effort as their knowledge of Monitoring and knack for creating optimal user experiences is second to none.”

― Anand Nair,

MCM Global Head, Digital & Customer Technology

The Solution

MCM Fashion Group collaborated with AIOPSGROUP™ to enable the digital visibility. We implemented AI for eCommerce monitoring to empower MCM with the transparency of all internal and background processes and to assure stable, optimized, and up to speed site and customer experience. The monitoring system in place identified all payment instruments used per region, as well as percentage split per region as a starting point in a data collection. When the work was completed, MCM could view real-time all payment instruments, split of sales per region, comparison on time frames, currency selection, and additional KPIs. Finally, the payment instrument KPIs are established and monitoring alerts are activated for real-time escalations.

The Results

CX Monitoring empowered MCM to rapidly extract, analyze, and visualize data across all Digital Commerce systems. Firstly, we enabled an increase in visibility by 100% across all sales channels, in this case, to help MCM visualize and record real time data on payments instruments and percentage split used per region. Secondly, this solution allowed for MCM to set payment instruments’ KPIs and alerting thresholds for ongoing calibration. AIOPSGROUP™ continues to actively monitor MCM digital stores to assure continuity of MCM service – identifying outages and missing feeds before they become a problem.