MCM Productivity

Omnichannel, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

MCM Excels Retail Productivity with AIOPSGROUP™

MCM in-store performance automation and productivity delivers a win-win. AIOPSGROUP™ helps MCM increase in-store productivity by 6%.

About MCM Fashion Group Limited

MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods brand. MCM’s vision is to revolutionize luxury fashion accessories and travel goods by combining craftsmanship and value for today’s modern generation of Global Nomads.


Through innovation and timeless design, MCM combines iconic German-engineered functionality with traditional craftsmanship, offering a heritage of elegance. MCM established itself as a global luxury brand through European artisanship with a refined mastery of skills, handcrafting elegant products with flawless quality materials. A long-time favorite of royalty and celebrities, MCM boasts architect-designed boutiques in chic cities such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, New York, Athens, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, and is sold by prestigious retailers all over the world. Currently, MCM operates 20+ online sites supported by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

The Brief

As MCM continues to expand its brand and further establish its presence, the focus on omnichannel performance brings retail stores closer to the digital world. Today there is an opportunity to deliver omnichannel from the online side of the business. To ensure this, MCM also focuses on retail productivity, including its store employees. MCM observed the opportunity to improve in-store managers’ productivity due to the manual assignments that were taking away from revenue-generating tasks. MCM reached out to AIOPSGROUP™ to analyze, recommend, and automate daily store reports available in real-time for the US market.

“AIOPSGROUP™ went the extra mile to ensure our automated reporting is an accurate reflection of our store performance. The reports embody the overall KPI’s and provide the means to effectively make business decisions.”

― Anand Nair,

MCM Global Head, Digital & Customer Technology

The Solution

AIOPSGROUP™ took time to understand the company’s current manual process, and requirements to map out the deliverables for the MCM team. The implementation facilitated the automated process of individual store reports and accumulated the needed data to produce a report for the daily sales, as well as additional store performance KPI’s.

The Results

AIOPSGROUP™ solution empowered MCM to have an automated report as a single and reliable source of data for retail brick-and-mortar operations. True to the MCM innovation approach, MCM expands on intelligent infrastructure for digital and physical stores with decentralized commerce systems. This automation increases in-store managers’ productivity by 6%.