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About MCM Fashion Group Limited

MCM Worldwide is a leather luxury goods brand. MCM’s vision is to revolutionize luxury fashion accessories and travel goods by combining craftsmanship and value for today’s modern generation of Global Nomads.


Through innovation and timeless design, MCM combines iconic German-engineered functionality with traditional craftsmanship, offering a heritage of elegance. MCM established itself as a global luxury brand through European artisanship with a refined mastery of skills, handcrafting elegant products with flawless quality materials. A long-time favorite of royalty and celebrities, MCM boasts architect-designed boutiques in chic cities such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, New York, Athens, Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul, and is sold by prestigious retailers all over the world. Currently, MCM operates 20+ online sites supported by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

The Brief

Faced with the need to future-proof online Search experience and reflect the luxury of the brand through this digital channel, MCM engaged AIOPSGROUP™ to deliver the implementation of a brand-new digital Search experience, AI for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Einstein.

“The AIOPSGROUP™ team felt like an extension of our team. They helped us take our eCommerce Search channel to the next level.”

― Anand Nair,

MCM Global Head, Digital & Customer Technology

The Solution

MCM digital team delivered Search redesign project requirements. AIOPSGROUP™ validated the requirements against the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution available and used its existing AI for SFCC expertise to enable Einstein for MCM. Time to market was fast, 10 business days. When the project was completed, the online Search customer journey was enhanced to help the customers navigate the rich offering of the MCM brand, quickly find the product and looks. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, customers can easily locate products and remove the frustration that comes with dead-end searches.

The Results

AIOPSGROUP™ helped the MCM brand deliver Search Realized. Time to market was fast and the quality of the code superb. Collaboration with the design teams was fluid and overlapping time zones were used for ongoing continuity; when the designers were sleeping AIOPSGROUP™ was developing. And when the AIOPSGROUP™ team was resting, MCM designers were delivering UAT. MCM increased the intensity of engagement with their consumers through inspiring Search experience. The number of total orders from Search surged by 80%.