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R&D & Innovation

The world’s a better place when we’re all innovating. AIOPSGROUP R&D team actively seeks out opportunities. We are curious every day and constantly look to discover the “why” or “how” behind things. We know that the Data Age is here. The COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified the power technology has to move and support technologies, workforces, and health outcomes. The world is faster and smarter.

Real-time data informs real-time decisions, from customer recommendation engines to loan approvals, decisions are based on the swift, sure application of data. This is AIOPSGROUP’s starting point. AIOPS Monitoring and Observability as Code is just the beginning of the innovation journey.

Personalization is King

Consumers have come to expect a relevant shopping experience based on their personal preferences. The statistics show that more than 70% of consumers will refuse offers that are not based on their brand engagement. The impact of personalization on customer experience cannot be ignored.

Effective personalization comes from data, and consequently understanding customers’ preferences and behavior. AIOPSGROUP with AIOPS Monitoring and out of the box 100+ KPI’s enables big data visibility for personalization use. In addition to big data, using AI Technology tools, such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein or Machine Learning (ML) implementation will place your business in a driving seat of a personalized customer journey.

Buyers are Connecting with the Brand Vision

The modern buyer wants to look or feel not only good but also positively impact the environment or social cloth of society. Green consumerism and social responsibility are shaping the eCommerce space and brands need to embrace it. eCommerce Industry is reporting 74% of millennials are more likely to buy from a brand that supports the social issues they care about. More and more buyers are basing their purchasing decisions on environmental concerns.

Millennials are creating disruptive changes with the green economy from buying vegan cosmetics to organic foods. Consumers are more than ever feeling responsible for the planet. AIOPSGROUP recognizes the importance of your organization fostering an eco-friendly brand that caters to the needs of your clients. SKIS Rossignol and their Respect Program at the heart of Rossignol Group’s Mission showcases respect to the environment without compromising the quality of the product.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The data age is here. Retailers are willing to invest in AI tools that will help improve the services they offer their customers, giving them a competitive edge. These tools include AIOPS Monitoring for business operations, and chatbots that engage customers and respond to any queries instantly. We are seeing AI in automated marketing platforms equipped to generate timely offers. We are seeing AI in Search and Personalization functions. Be on the lookout also for demand forecasting and AI optimized pricing and discounting.

We expect to see more innovative AI solutions this year, which will play a significant role in enhancing the customer experience. There are several examples of AI and automation tools with customer service applications for business, including voice-powered assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Home, and Amazon Echo. Research shows that 45% of millennials are already using this type of voice-activated search for online shopping.

Immersive Commerce with V/R and A/R

The COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified the importance of digital commerce for overall brand health and engagement. Immersive commerce now becomes a major focus for eCommerce in an effort to transform customer digital journey as close as possible to physical store shopping.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a game-changer. It lets the customer choose a product from a virtual physical store giving the feeling of shopping from a physical store but in the comfort of your home. AR technology bridges this gap by enabling online shoppers to have an excellent view of the product. It changes the way online shoppers perceive the products they intend to buy. AIOPSGROUP actively investigates this technology for the best of breed solution for our customer brands.

Social Media Impact as Tik Tok Purchases Shopify

Social media is a powerful tool for eCommerce websites. Or eCommerce will become a powerful tool for social media as Tik Tok partners with Shopify. TikTok is further investing in social commerce with a global partnership with eCommerce platform Shopify. The deal aims to make it easier for Shopify’s over 1 million merchants to reach TikTok’s younger audience and drive sales.

Lots of platforms feature built-in embedded links making it seamless for eCommerce stores to sell via their social media pages. We as consumers spend time daily on social media scouting different platforms. Online businesses can employ the services of influencers to increase their client base and reach their target audience. Social media is without a doubt a powerful aspect of our daily lives, and with a focused social media strategy, AIOPSGROUP customer brands can further grow the online business.