The eCommerce world never sleeps. AIOPSGROUP 24/7 team protects your revenue and reputation with proactive business and customer journey indicators.

We believe in true results.  AIOPSGROUP support team goes far beyond handling tickets. We provide a comprehensive set of services to ensure that your site is always operating at peak efficiency. We are accomplished in 24/7 support, applications monitoring, SLA management, 3rd party escalation, dedicated teams, project rescue, ticketing system implementation, and IT infrastructure support.

Why AIOPSGROUP, a valantic company?

In-house dedicated support team

AIOPSGROUP support team is not outsourced. We use an in-house model as it offers the clients maximum trust from the moment Level 1 Support answers the phone to the resolution of the issue. The team shares our vision and goals whilst providing AIOPSGROUP clients with seamless and transparent communication and immediate results.

We are scalable

No matter the scale of your business need, 24/7 L1 support, IT infrastructure support, dedicated team, or service desk configuration, AIOPSGROUP is ready to help. We deliver on our SLA Guaranteed Response Times. Also, we serve as a single vendor for management and monitoring for all 3rd party escalations and respective 3rd parties SLAs. We flex our support services to complement your business to meet your needs with speed, transparency, and agility.

We have 24/7 CX Monitoring

15+ years’ experience and 250+ successfully executed eCommerce projects, AIOPSGROUP is well versed in the issues the digital retailers are facing and recognizing that data must be managed holistically. 24/7 CX Monitoring knocks down silos and builds an environment capable of monitoring the entire application flow resolving issues in real–time, as soon as they appear and before the customer is impacted.


24/7 support

The promise of 24/7 support is essential for any digital retailer today. AIOPSGROUP provides dedicated communication channels to reach our L1 team, as well as 24/7 proactive monitoring to deliver business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Applications monitoring

AIOPSGROUP 24/7 team is keeping an eye on everything to make sure it’s running smoothly. Slow is the new down, so we work with you on custom-tailored permission and escalation schemes to let you sleep at night. We offer scalable monitoring options, from customer journey monitoring, ADA accessibility monitoring to Big Data and AI monitoring with the ability to gain visibility into complete digital ecosystem.

SLA management

AIOPSGROUP collaborates with clients for full transparency, control over the service quality, and budgets allocated for support. Service Level Agreement guaranteed response and resolution times are visible via AIOPSGROUP performance dashboards for quality-of-service ongoing audits. We understand you could be managing multiple SLAs for number of vendors. When given introduction and authorization, AIOPSGROUP support can configure support process to report on 3rd party’s performance.

3rd party escalations

We will triage 24/7 issues, analyze, escalate and finally mitigate, either to our development team, your internal team, or any 3rd party as per the escalation matrix agreed. We will work to understand 3rd party SLA’s, register within any ticketing portals required, so the escalation path and process are defined and tested before the true issue occurs.

Dedicated teams

We understand that sometimes the size and complexity of the digital ecosystem requires the attention of a dedicated engineering team only for one customer. AIOPSGROUP support is accomplished in dedicated or hybrid teams approach ranging from 1 to 20 people, and roles spamming from dev ops, to project managers, platform-specific architects, and quality assurance engineers.

Rescue projects

AIOPSGROUP can provide support and additional services, regardless if your solution was developed by us. We can audit, plan, take over, shadow, document, train, onboard, migrate, work side by side on a shared codebase to successfully deliver on business and end-user expectations.

Ticketing system and help desk implementation

Perfectly configured, automated and integrated support systems mean efficient workflows and increased visibility for you, and seamless brand experiences for clients. We intelligently align the functionality of the service desk tool to unify your support landscape, creating a single source of truth and the best solution for your business.

IT infrastructure

An information technology infrastructure includes the hardware, software, systems, and services used by the company to support its operations. High availability, responsiveness, and reliability of the IT infrastructure are important to meet the dynamic needs of the business. AIOPSGROUP team will help you audit, architecture plan, execute, and adopt new or improved IT infrastructure support by unlocking visibility and data-based decision making.

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