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Post-launch project transition, execution and delivery

We believe in true results.  The launch period is an exciting yet sensitive time for AIOPSGROUP customers.  During this phase, the rubber meets the road, and we get to see how product performs under pressure.  Site readiness, customer training and KPI’s are placed in motion for a smooth transition.

  • Post-launch site takeover and assessments
  • Project Team, Project Warranty and Support Team Collaboration
  • Knowledge transfer from Delivery to Support
  • New platform training
  • Post-launch KPI’s definition and monitoring

Response-time SLA guarantees

AIOPSGROUP collaborates with customers by allowing a full control over the service quality and appropriate resource spending.  Service Level Agreements continue to evolve to encompass the market growth and service level demands for a maximum customer retention.

  • Peak Seasons Readiness Preparation
  • Peak Season Support Dedicated Teams
  • Direct Line with Technology Support Centers
  • Response Time Dashboard Implementation
  • One-stop center for all vendor escalations

24/7/365 Application(s) Monitoring

AIOPSGROUP 24/7/365 team is keeping an eye on everything to make sure it’s running smoothly. Slow is the new down, so we work with you on custom tailored permission and escalation schemes to let you sleep at night.

  • Scalable options (Basic, Extensive, Enterprise)
  • 24/7/365 Dedicated Support Lines
  • Ability to monitor complete digital ecosystem
  • Real Time Site speed and response monitoring
  • Real Time User journey monitoring